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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hibernation and Preparation

Happy weekend-before-Thanksgiving to you! I'm already in a holiday mindset and greatly looking forward to the short week. Before I jump ahead to what's coming, I wanted to share something special that took place last week. Garrett made his First Reconciliation:

He wore the same outfit as Gabriel did in 2008.  For all my failures in the organizational department, I am at least grateful for this humble little blog and being able to look back and reference past milestones. Hooray for technology! :) However, I don't think I ever recorded Grant's First Reconciliation! Argh. Okay, well 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Hopefully I will have my act together for the last two.:) 

I'm doing my best to get a jump on Christmas and Advent planning. I found this great booklet on Pinterest from Lacy over at Catholic Icing. It's an "Advent Christmas Planner" and it was well worth the $10 to download it. Thanks to that handy-dandy notebook, I now have my Advent wreath items ready to go (courtesy of Hobby Lobby) and most of the items prepared for the feast of St. Nicholas (which is December 6), wohoo! 

The kids tell me they are looking forward to Advent because "the house is dark and we light candles in the evenings." What?!  This cracked me up, but also made me grateful that they actually remembered this from last year. It wasn't planned, but just sort of happened as we went through the season. The kids liked to turn the lights off (even at dinner! That was interesting with the babies). We lit lanterns from Lehman's Hardware, along with our Advent wreath. Who would've thought of all the things we did/tried, that would be the thing that stuck in their heads? Ha. The last few nights we've been starting it later (after the babies are in bed) and I have to admit, I'm really loving it too. There is a serenity and calm that is very uncharacteristic of our house and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute! :) 

I'm working on a post to tell you about some of our Advent plans and prayers, hopefully that will be up shortly. Have a wonderful, warm, and blessed week! If I'm not back before Thursday...Happy Thanksgiving to you! May the Lord give you "Gratitude Goggles" to truly see our gifts, visible and invisible in our lives. I pray He gives you ThanksVISION to take in the goodness in every breath and step we take. God bless you and keep you.

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  1. Linda Ciarrone11:36 PM

    That is one of my memories of childhood; that of darkness and lighting the Advent Wreath at the dinner table. It then became the tradition for our children and will soon be for our grandchildren! But there is something to the "light in the darkness" that helps us to focus on just that......Jesus is the light that comes into our darkness. Not only the darkness on the big scale (the world) but the darkness of the sin in our own lives. Jesus is the Light of the World! O Come O Come Emmanuel! Happy Advent to you and your family! In Christ, Linda