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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Autism Beatitudes

April is National Autism Awareness month. Prayers for all those on the journey. Through the hills and valleys, may you always feel God's amazing grace and unfailing love. 

Autism Beatitudes

Blessed are those who do not speak, for they shall teach us what lies beyond the limits of words.

Blessed are those who wholly focus on the simplest things, for they shall see wonders no one else can.

Blessed are the spinners, for they shall experience life from every angle.

Blessed are the picky, for they know exactly what they want.

Blessed are the stimmers, for they shall grow their wings and fly.

Blessed are those who always take the same path, for they are steadfast and true.

Blessed are those who are faithful to their rituals, for to them all the world can be a holy liturgy.

Blessed are those who repeat themselves, for they shall savor every sound and silence in between.

Blessed are the persistent, for they shall triumph where others have given up.

Blessed are those who are devoted to a single passion, for they shall explore depths no one has ever seen.

Blessed are those who memorize every detail, for they preserve that which would otherwise be forgotten.

Blessed are those who watch and wait, for they shall discover and know and understand.

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  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I so needed to read this today! With two on the autism spectrum times can be crazy. I often try and remember how far they have come on this autism journey. We have certainly had our share of peaks and valleys. I'm trying to focus on the peaks and leave the valleys in the past trusting God all along the way.